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Thos Henley

Thos Henley wuchs in Südengland in dem kleinen Dorf Netley (Southampton) auf. Doch anstatt sich wie seine Altersgenossen mit Skateboard und Spielekonsole durch den Provinzalltag zu daddeln, beschäftigte sich der Knabe viel lieber mit alter Musik und verstaubter Reiseliteratur über ferne Bräuche und Länder. Inspiriert durch Lord Byron und Patrick Leigh Fermor verließ Thos Henley schließlich vor einiger Zeit seine englische Heimat, um als wandernder Musiker die Orte zu besuchen, deren Namen und Beschreibungen ihn seit seiner Kindheit so schwer beeindruckt hatten. Im Gepäck: wenig mehr als sein britischer Charme und eine krumme akustische Gitarre, ganz nah dem vielbeschworenen romantischen Ideal.

What is the name of the village you lived in in Greece?

Which Hip Hop song did you dance to the most at night in your shack?
Biz Markie - You got what I need (on repeat)

What or whom did you have in mind when you chose arrangement and production for “In Hearing Taste”?
A big influence for me was John Frusciante's "Shadows Collide With People". Ever since I heard that record as a teenager I knew that I wanted to make something similar, with a thick bright and tight sound. I was also obsessed with the simple rim hit drumming of Local Natives.

How does one fish for calamari?
I would head down to the end of the Pier just before the month of November started to blend into December. At the end of the pier the sun would go down behind the mountains to the back of me and I would cast out an electric blue lure with a dozen upturned spikes on its end out towards Turkey. The black night would come quick after that and in front of me there were only the pockmarked, clear galaxies. I would then bend my rod up and down and slowly reel in so as to fool the calamari into thinking my lure was a panic ridden, dying fish and then the calamari would bite. On the clearest nights I could see a hundred baby squid from the light of the moon in the see through ocean below my feet.

What drew you to Patrick Leigh Fermor in the first place? I mean the early youth-nitty gritty...
I wanted to leave England. There was nothing there for me anymore and then my mother told me about Fermor. The next day I bought five of his paperbacks from a shop in Winchester and within a week I was washing myself in St Tropez. Even though he wrote of a Europe long since disappeared, I realised that some of it still existed, I just had to get out and find it.

How would you describe your life in Dresden in just a few words? What are the places that mean the most to you and why?
What I like about Dresden is that its beauty has been rebuilt on one side of the Elbe and evolved on the other side. You can smell the odour of a hundred bratwursts cooking along with cider and cinnamon wherever you walk and wherever you look that skyline is there; the spires pierce the low clouds, the fireworks join the stars and the Elbe runs fast forever.

Why Dresden anyway? Aren’t you aware that the cool kids live in Berlin around here?
After waking up to the orthodox chants and the familiar villager faces of Greece I longed for a city and any sign of youth. I had been through Dresden a couple of times and it seemed to have the romanticism of Paris' Rue de Rivioli without the tourists and between it's architecture and it's young inhabitants there was the sense of another, older century still clinging on to the next one which I liked.

Thos Henley grew up in southern England in the little village of Netley (Southampton) and has a passion for classic music and literature. After readining the works of the greatnames in travel literature such as Laurie Lee, Richard Halliburton, Lord Bryon, Lawrence Durrell and specifically Patrick Leigh Fermor, Thos began to develop his romantic vision of life as the troubadour walking and playing from village to village with nothing but his guitar as the ultimate incarnation of this romantic ideal.

After studying cinema in the town of Winchester, he decided to embark on an adventure similar to those described in the books of his childhood. He spent several months on the road in Europe, playing in the street for anyone who would listen while writing many poems, short stories and songs, before settling permanently in Paris where he has been described as the modern Arthur Rimbaud although a guitar takes the place fo the pen.

Listening to Thos Henley gives one a way into his romantic adventures and misadventures and each song of his takes us to a faraway place that can seem very familiar, as if wehave spent the months on the road with him.


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