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Written by Mario   
ImageBereits seit 2001 schreibt Sängerin und Gitarristin JANA SOTZKO sehr persönliche Songs, gespickt mit feinfühligen Beobachtungen, präzisen Zustandsbeschreibungen und prägnanten Bildern zu den Themen ihrer Generation wie das Scheitern, Zweifeln und Gefühl des Verlorenseins. Dass das gleichnamige Debüt von THE DROPOUT PATROL erst jetzt erscheint, lag an der schwierigen Suche nach den perfekten Mitstreitern, um dem Solo-Unterfangen echtes Band-Leben einzuhauchen. In KRISTOF KÜNSSLER (Drums), STEFAN DIESNER (Bass / Gitarre) und ULRICH KALLISKE (Bass / Gitarre), mit denen SOTZKO durch Projekte wie PETETHEPIRATESQUID oder RADIO BURROUGHS schon länger verbunden ist, hat die Berlinerin sie endlich gefunden und legt ein starkes Debüt vor, das in seiner Verletzlichkeit an den schwermütigen Indie-Rock von Acts wie SONGS: OHIA, KARATE, JASON MOLINA oder DAMIEN JURADO erinnert.

The Dropout Patrol is the name of Jana Sotzko's solo project. To perform on stage on her own was never as much fun for her as to write her own songs. A full band outfit was supposed to evolve - not necessarily an easy task and an intent cursed with failure several times before, especially since these songs are so close to the protagonist. The current line-up, consisting of Kristof Kuenssler (drums), Stefan Diessner (bass/guitar) and Ulrich Kalliske (bass/guitar), turned out to be the perfect one. Perfect indeed, if you just look at the long term connection between all 4 members, may it be their close friendship or just being on tour and playing shows together …it just naturally evolved.
That's how these songs get interspersed with beautiful pictures which, at best, last longer than the actual runtime of this album: being chased by wolves, monkeys on rooftops, kisses in a hurry. It's these gorgeous moments that are created carefully and reduced.. when tempi change, a choir sets in & so much truth is mentioned in a passing that it almost hurts. 

1. Other People´s Problems
2. The Great Hesitation
3. Irrelevant Variables
4. Taken Hostage By The Scene
5. A Song For Four A.M.
6. ---
7. It may Be That We Are Passing Through Difficult Landscapes
8. The Unwanted Gift
9. Find It At The Bottom Of The Lake
10. MUYM
11. Airports
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